Wellassa Navodaya exhibition and trade fair is organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Moneragala District in collaboration with ICEI and with the support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy in coordination with the Uva Provincial Council and Moneragala District Secretariat. ICEI (Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale), a non-profit association committed to development cooperation and has been contributing to uplift the living standards of small and micro producers engaged in agricultural businesses and eco-tourism while promoting eco-friendly practices in Sri Lanka since 2005. ICEI is collaborating with the Moneragala Chamber of Commerce to develop synergies between public and the private sector which, in turn, will help create a conducive environment for small, micro and medium scale entrepreneurs.

This trade fair will be the first of its nature that will be held in the Uva Province which focuses on providing a platform for promoting products of small, micro and medium entrepreneurs from the Uva province. Special emphasis will be given to eco-friendly products and services and will also be an opportunity for consumers to select items of their choice from household goods to agricultural equipment, items related to food production, financial and technical services, etc.

This trade fair is expected to attract the participation of large crowds from the Uva Province and other areas. The fair is expected draw medium, small and micro entrepreneurs, schoolchildren, farmers, students of national schools, universities and vocational training institutes, representatives of embassies, development projects, general public in an around the Uva Province and other areas. There will be attractions for all age groups such as educational programmes, workshops for entrepreneurs, job fairs, musical shows, school band competitions, essay and drawing competitions for children, carnival, etc. There will also be an awarding of micro grants to environmentally friendly small and micro producers from the Moneragala District by ICEI, Sri Lanka office as part of an initiative to promote eco-friendly production and consumption.