The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the Eastern People’s Voice (Negenahira Janatha Handa) on February 05 lodged a complaint handing over complaints of those distressed by the Sampur coal power plant project.

There are two projects, one for 818 acres which form the industrial zone and 505 acres for the coal power plant in Sampur for the generation of electricity, the JVP mentioned.

Convener of the Eastern People’s Voice and Member of the JVP Arun Hemachandra said that only 365 out of the 834 families have been registered to be resettled in the 818 acres, released following a Supreme Court decision.

All the rest of the hitherto unregistered families are in camps for internally displaced persons, he observed.

The environmental impact assessment report attesting to that 75% of the area was shrub jungle while the balance was abandoned farmlands was done prior to the resettlement process, he added.

“There are 62 tanks in the Sampur area, out of which 12 provide water to 1,500 acres of chena cultivation and 1,000 acres of grasslands. All the families are composed of original residents of these lands who had been living there for generations until they were displaced due to the war. President Maithripala Sirisena is the Minister in charge of Environment. What has he done with regards to the expectations of these people? We have protested and informed the relevant authorities. The Central Environment Authority must do a new environmental impact assessment concerning as to whether the coal power plant can be done or not,” he emphasized.