House has deeds but the land belongs to the State?

Some government officials have recently visited my  sister’s residence as well as other houses  located in Ferguson’s Road, Mattakkuliya, Colombo 15   ( Assessment #  273 /6 /S3 ). The above house was bought in 2010 by my father who passed away in 2013 and now occupied by my sister.
reader writes
These officers have surveyed the houses and had said that land on which all these houses have been built belongs to the State and that it was a paddy field in the past and so on. And that our Deeds are not valid, etc.

The above house and others are all registered with the Land Registry. We have the Deed for same in our possession.
How come it was registered with the land registry if the land belongs to the government? In case, we are ousted, where do we stand? We have paid for this house with our hard earned money and we are living in stress because we feel very insecure.
This letter was emailed to  but we have not got any feedback to date. Hope, the Minister for Housing on perusal of this letter will inquire into this problem and grant us relief as soon as possible.

M. Zahran – Colombo

Should  everything  be  politicized?

It is interesting to note that there is a trend that has developed and nobody seems to express their opinions against it. The Leaders must have the courage of their convictions to say ‘No’ when No should be the answer and an emphatic ‘Yes’ be when yes should be the answer. The vacillation, dilly dallying, vague rhetoric, avoiding answers is not worth the salt.

Take the case of the District Coordinating Committees or whatever fanciful name it may assume. There is a thing called Joint Leadership. This is to ensure that their man is there and to ‘honour’ the people’s representatives. It is another facet of politicization. Earlier it was the Government Agent (Divisional Secretary) who presided and the Political Authority or Minister was another participant though given a respectable seat of honour next to the presiding G.A. or in the front row.

Now the Public Service is devalued and dethroned from its due position and politicians are enthroned instead. This has number of drawbacks. Among them are that the responsible utterances, recordings, post decision follow up are all thrown to the winds. As in Parliament where the Hansard is now a cosmetic version and not a verbatim record, the minutes of these meetings lack authenticity.

Why don’t they allow the GA or DS to administer the district instead of making it compulsory for them to toe the line of the politicians and thus the independence of the public service is killed by the politicians by usurping the very administrative machinery its required authority.

One example I remember was way back in the late sixties when Hon KB Ratnayake was the political authority and either Mr. B.C.Perera. C.C.S or Mr. Neville D.Jayaweera. C.C.S was the GA at Vavuniya. The former went up the ladder and the latter was poised to be swallowed by the snake. It was the time when every item was discussed, saner decisions taken, recorded and followed up.

It was Mr. Ratnayake who was not only trilingual but also a sportive gentleman who used to sit with the staff talking as a very familiar friend and got things done without throwing his weight about. He used to address them as ‘Machchan’ and in colloquial Jaffna Tamil for most of them in the Kachcheri were from Jaffna and Yarldevi was minting money.

Once, I remember Mr. Ratnayake told the public servants in one of the meetings “You do your part and allow us to do our part. Do not do politics”. Has it come full circle or turned topsy- turvy?

R.Suntharalingam Sivan Lodge -Urumpirai

Thuppahi Culture (A bankrupt and corrupt culture)

“The recent Supreme Court verdict endorsing Kerala’s liquor policy, may find the state losing out to Sri Lanka on the tourism front.  Sri Lanka is the biggest gainer from the liquor policy of Kerala particularly when it comes to meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) and weddings,” said Iose Dominic, CEO of CGH Earth Group of Hotels. Despite tremendous pressure from big business and the elitist club of Indians, the learned and bold Supreme Court Judge did not want to COMPROMISE its traditions and culture with the bankrupt, corrupt and vulgar practice of serving liquor on virtually every occasion – a decadent and rotten cultural malady the West introduced to us in the East. Today, Sri Lankans are paying a very high price for its alcoholism among its working population. This Thuppahi Culture imitating the westerners has brought immense misery into most of our homes. Drinking and gambling at funerals has now become a tradition in our fair Island. What decadence?

In the 1940s and1950s, we, English educated Colombo gentlemen used to abhor the culture of drinking, gambling, philandering, boasting and behaving like Pukkha Sahibs. We gave of our best to both the Public and private sectors and avoided this Thuppahi Culture. The country flourished and even Singapore came to learn from our success story. Strangely it was only after the 1956 Nationalist Movement, that there was this ‘Freedom of the Ass’ that produced pot arrack(Kassipu), prostitution, and gambling on a large scale. The new Thuppahi culture is Drugs (Kudu) and sexism.

It is also alarming, that we dearly see today, a culture of blatant crimes of foreign illegal invasions, regime changes, terrorizing weaker nations to submission, driving innocent men women and children away from their homes, preventing them from entering new refuges; thus brandishing sickening neo colonial power – a Disgusting Thuppahi Culture. Yet, we like to imitate this decadent western culture. Yes, we had a taste of this filthy disgusting culture, practiced by the previous regime, from 2005 to 2015 when our citizenry were terrorized, living in fear. Have we lost our National Identity?

Divorces were never heard of in old Ceylon 50 years ago. We now see a tremendous leap in divorces to the point that parents are fearful of giving their precious children in marriage. Western culture encourages divorces. Over 60% of the marriages in the US end up in divorces. The US and UK courts encourage it; as it is good for all business. Single parents are rapidly growing, encouraging greater consumerism and the banks and insurance companies are in the make. These same banks stole the savings of hard working Americans in its financial meltdown in 2007/2008.

To add insult to injury the US government bailed out these banks, instead of throwing the rouge bankers in jail. This Thuppahi culture has destroyed our traditional family institutions. Once the institution of family is broken; society gradually deteriorates and collapses. Western Sexism has led to the destruction of the institution of FAMILY. Almost all Sri Lankans love their mothers. Today the heartless western culture of sending our mothers to elders’ homes has crept into our culture.

We were witness to an ugly event exemplifying this Thuppahi Culture when in December 2015 Live Events Ltd organized the controversial Love & Sex show by Enrique Iglesias at the CR&FC grounds where lewd and decadent western culture was on display. Very soon homo sexuality and Pedophilia will be Okay for us? Or is it already here? God save us!

Come on chaps: we became a Brave New Nation on the 8th of January 2015, when civil society threw out a despot and won our new found freedom. Today, anyone can criticize anyone and yet feel free of being hunted down. Let us be proud Sri Lankans, of our 2500-year rich and gracious culture of Love, Compassion and Kindness which are exemplified in our smiling faces. Don’t barter it for a 250 year old decadent culture. Hold on to it  Don’t barter it for a 25-0 year decadence. Hold on to it and you will succeed and be happy my friends. I love you all.

Lankikayek (A Sri Lankan)

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