The National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) informed that a section of doctors and elsewhere, a certain racketeer in Maligawatte, were involved in the kidney transplant racket.

Member of the Main/Chief Committee of the NMSJ and Co-Convener of the Puravesi Balaya, Saman Ratnapriya said that noted doctors and hospital directors were also involved in this.
The Colombo Crimes Division and Deputy Inspector General of Police of the Western Province, Pujith Jayasundara should use the report of the investigation (for about two months) conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department in 2014, an inquiry which was shut down due to interferences and also the Ministry of Health inquiry report which was also swept under the carpet, as the starting point to investigate this racket now, he noted.
The Government must look into this matter as one affecting the health services seriously and take action without regard for status, he observed.

“We too have made a revelation in this regard. The Indian Police and a newspaper have also revealed that approval from officials of the local Ministry of Health too had been sought by those involved who had also made payments to move things along. A proper investigation must be conducted into this. This involves selling flesh for money which is banned in India which is why they come here. Assets of certain persons too have to be looked at. The Government says that Tamils from the estates and plantations are from whom the kidneys have been obtained. When innocence and poverty combine, there are doctors and racketeers who exploit the situation. We know of an individual, a broker in Maligawatte, who obtains kidneys for those who want them.

These things should not be hidden,” he pointed out.
Meanwhile, The Ministry of Health had appointed a three-member committee headed by Director (Private Health Services) of the Ministry, Dr. Kanthi Ariyaratne and includes Western Province Director General of Health Services, Dr. Deepthi Perera and a senior official from the Ministry’s Investigation Unit to probe the kidney racket.

Health Minister, Dr. Rajitha Senarathne said that he was awaiting the report by the committee to take further action on the issue. “The racketeers must be punished and it will take place after careful and thorough study,” he said.