In the five days that spanned the Fairway Galle Literary Festival 2016, Colombo Jewellery Stores (CJS) added a fresh dimension to the creative realms prevalent at the Festival, infusing interactive discussion and focused awareness on the human-elephant relationship and conservation.

For CJS, this was the natural follow up to the ‘Unforgettable’ project it has been pioneering in the two villages of Pussellyaya and Weheragalagama villages in Wasgamuwa, where, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society, CJS is continuing an interactive campaign to seek sustainable solutions for the villagers and the 350 elephants living in that habitat. ‘Unforgettable’ is the campaign that CJS mooted, using elephant enthusiast CJS Brand Ambassador Jacqueline Fernandez and the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society in a well-integrated conservation initiative with the two villages, pioneering some sustainable solutions that would prompt better human elephant co-existence.

On Saturday CJS screened Common Ground, a documentary set in Sri Lanka which has been shown at a number of film festivals including the REEL EARTH Environmental Film Festival produced by Greener Media, features Founder of the SLWCS Ravi Corea who continues to collaborate with CJS in its conservation and co-existence initiatives in the human-elephant relationship.