For more than 100 years, HOOVER® has designed powerful, easy-to-use products that clean your entire home from floor to ceiling, and even the very air you breathe. That’s why they’re a household icon and one of the most trusted brands worldwide.

The HOOVER® story begins in 1907 with James Murray Spangler, hobbyist inventor and father of three. He worked as a janitor in a department store in Canton, Ohio, to help him make ends meet. It was a dull and tiresome job which was also affecting his health.

Spangler suffered from asthma which was becoming almost intolerable. He suspected that it was because of the dusty carpet he had to sweep at the store and set his mind to finding a solution to this problem. Equipped with an old fan motor for suction, soap box, broom as a handle and a pillow case as a dust bag, Spangler invented the first portable electric vacuum cleaner.

This simple but ingenious prototype was a great success and even ended Spangler’s asthma. Encouraged by the results, Spangler continued to improve the prototype and received a patent in 1908. He quit his job as a janitor and established the Electric Suction Sweeper Company.

William “Boss” Hoover ran a leather goods manufacturing business, making horse collars and harnesses but was impressed by the outstanding vacuum cleaner review that encouraged him to buy Spangler’s patent and became the president of the Electric Suction Sweeper Company. In 1922, William Hoover renamed the company as the Hoover Company.

William Hoover continued to improve the vacuum cleaner as well as sales techniques. Being a talented entrepreneur and marketer, he understood that this revolutionary product would speak for itself if the customers were given an opportunity to try it. Hoover published an advertisement inviting people to try the vacuum at home free of charge for 10 days. He also trained his door-to-door salesmen to give product demonstrations at people’s homes. Hoover then grew to become an iconic American brand and ‘hoovering’ soon became synonymous with vacuum cleaning.

HOOVER®’s success in US has led to expansion in international markets. Commercial contacts were established with Canada, England and several years later the HOOVER® brand was present in four continents.

HOOVER®’s engineers have always focused on designing new and improved methods of cleaning carpets. One of their most noteworthy innovations is the beater bar, introduced in 1926. Aided by strong suction, the metal bar gently tapped the carpet to loosen deeply embedded dirt, as a bristle brush rapidly swept dirt up and out of the carpet. It’s still utilised in most HOOVER® vacuum cleaners today.

Countless other “firsts” have been developed by HOOVER® engineers over the years to give consumers the most innovative and convenient features available. These include the disposable paper bag, the vacuum cleaner headlight, the self-propelled feature and the side-mounted hose feature.

Today, HOOVER® continues to set the highest standard in cleaning products. They use the most effective technology to get your home truly clean so you can get back to what’s important in your life.

HOOVER® innovations didn’t stop with floor-care products. HOOVER® extended into white goods category with a wide range of free standing refrigerators, dishwashers and cookers and easy to use washer-dryers that can handle the most delicate fabrics without compromising on the washing quality. HOOVER® domestic goods range is designed to lighten daily chores, save time and ensure better quality of life.

Abans are proud to be associated with HOOVER® as their sole agent in Sri Lanka and market their prestigious products through their network of showrooms island-wide.