Saman Ratnapriya

The National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) and the Puravesi Balaya observed that the civil society would in two weeks take actions to politically influence the Government if it failed to practice good governance by making the necessary and suitable appointments and removals.

While demanding that a person with suitability, ability and seniority be appointed to the post of the Attorney General, Member of the Main/Chief Committee of the NMSJ and Co-Convener of the Puravesi Balaya, Saman Ratnapriya said that they had no faith in the acting Attorney General either.

Taking the case of the Inspector General of Police (IGP)’s actions in relation to the recent incident of a death of a youth in Embilipitiya, he admonished the Government of waiting for persons to retire without recognizing that certain individuals holding top positions were holding back the country’s forward momentum.

“The Executive and the Government has been lacking with regards to delivering on the people’s expectations regarding investigating and taking actions with regards to fraud, corruption and murders. Initial investigations have been conducted into many and have been completed. The files must go from the Police to the Attorney General’s Department to the Magistrate’s Courts. The Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration and the Defence Secretary are other problematic appointments. With regards to the Embilipitiya matter, as per a B report, Police officers should be arrested but this is not taking place because of the IGP.

Investigations need to move speedily. There are Ministers in this Government who are obstacles to this process. An urgent decision must be taken in this regard. Important cases must be heard immediately, every week, instead of allowing lawyers representing the prosecution and the defence to agree on postponing the next hearing date by months,” he emphasized.