With the launch of South Asia’s first lean luxury property, Cinnamon Red brought in a new wave of thinking for the hospitality sector. Trendy, hip and innovative, the hotel stood out for its vibrancy and the simplistic-yet-high level of product and service offering; creating not just a new tier in the industry but also bringing in a fresh perspective in to travel.

For Cinnamon Red’s Executive Chef Sachindra Gamage, this challenge of bridging two ends of a tier – the affordability of a three-star property with that of a five-star product offering – was one he cherished. He was happy to have an outlet for his inventions in the kitchen and the freedom to ‘mix and match’ flavours and cuisines, and put his own spin into classic dishes.

Having found his way in the kitchen at the tender age of 10, he took his first steps into the field by assisting his mother while she prepared the meals. This is what led him to the doors of Lanka Oberoi in 1992, fresh out of school after completing his Advanced Level Examinations. And it is this learning and passion that he has brought to Cinnamon Red.