Capital Alliance (CAL), Sri Lanka’s leading full service investment bank is about to turn a page in Sri Lanka’s financial markets. In today’s world, people can do almost anything with their smartphones or tablet devices. From checking email, to staying connected via social media, to turning off the lights in the house while out on the town, people rely heavily on their handheld devices. Adding another to this list CAL is launching its new and unique mobile application for trading ‘CAL ONLINE’.

‘CAL ONLINE’, is the one stop shop for trading and investment needs. The app provides access to real-time information on Equity and Debt markets at your fingertips and the ability to trade real-time in a seamless manner off your mobile or your tablet.

The users are not required to hold an account with CAL to use the app and gain access to market data on shares, bonds and CAL’s unit trusts. However CAL account holders are provided with premium features such as the ability to trade on-the-go, CAL investment recommendations to clients on a real-time basis and the ability to manage individual portfolios.

With the launch of this app anyone who has a smartphone will be able to test their hand at trading and investing.

“You can essentially buy, sell or just stay in touch with all your investments while you wait, it may be while you’re traveling or even when you’re stuck at a meeting. ‘CAL ONLINE’ also provides you financial independence, granting access to the capital markets at your own discretion without having to rely on intermediaries,” CAL said in a statement.

‘CAL ONLINE’ will be available for both iOS and anroid platforms on App Store and Google Play.