MeshaAries (Mesha)
You are about to step into a week which will witness  both the Sun and the Moon placed in  your horoscope where they are most powerful –  Sun in the 10th and the Moon in the Cancer sign falling in your  4th House. You can look forward to a very successful week. The direct aspect of Lagnadhipati Mars on your Lagna makes you dynamic and proactive. A brief period of happiness and general prosperity is ahead of you thanks to two benefics, Venus and Mercury posited in your Bhagyasthana.

katakaCancer (Kataka)
Brief spells from 14.07 hours on January 23 to 21.58 hours on 25 and 21.59 hours on January 25 to 08.39 hours on 28 when the strong Moon is in Cancer and in conjunction with Jupiter respectively are very auspicious. You may embark on any important plan within this period made up of the two auspicious spells assured of great success. Mercury – Venus combination in the 6thHouse receiving the special beneficial aspect assures you of success in your undertakings and contests.

thulaLibra (Thula)
High recognition and reputation due to skills in literary efforts strongly indicated for those in right circumstances. You may command the respect and affection of brothers, but may get embroiled in disputes with relatives.  You are also warned about the possibility of incurring losses from land and property transactions. Gains from academic efforts and children are likely if your natal Saturn is strong.Mars’ influence in the Lagna makes you bold and energetic, but accident-prone.

makaraCapricorn (Makara)
The forecast for the last week holds good for this week as well. Ongoing period is very favourable for natives with a strong Saturn at birth prospecting for gems and minerals in general.    The week ahead is very favourable for natives seeking or holding, military, executive or political high office. Stability or rise in career is also indicated. You will feel a new surge of zest and energy galvanizing you into action due to the influence of the Sun in your Lagna.

VrushabhaTaurus (Vrushabha)
Unexpected gains and inheritances are on the cards. Saturn in the 7th House with Digbala as your Yogakaraka is able to bring you wealth, career success and gains from foreign sources, among other benefits. Jupiter, powerfully placed in your 4thKendra assures, educational success, happiness in the family and enhanced living comforts. Enhanced influence and power are in store for natives holding political, military and executive office.

simhaLeo (Simha)
The forecast for you last week generally holds good for you for the week ahead. The current lineup of planets is very favourable with the Sun powerful in the 6th, Mars in the 3rd and Venus – Mercury combination in the 5th House while Jupiter is positioned in the Lagna. Natives in politics can look forward to rise to high office if their Dasas are also favourable.  You are assured of good health, a commanding personality, power, influence and high status.

VrushikaScorpio (Vrushika)
Jupiter powerfully placed in your Karmasthana assures stability in your career, and even a promotion to a higher rank possible if you running the Jupiter Maha Dasa. An increase in your power and influence is on the cards.  But you are likely to develop a tendency to become more self-centered, domineering and even hard-hearted.  Lagna Shani Erashtaka that you are currently subject to causes you mental unrest, poor health and disappointments.

kumbaAquarius (Kumbha)
Minor accidents while travelling, disputes with father and distant journeys are indicated. A decline in your status, heavy expenses and poor health are also on the cards.  However, these unfavourable effects are countered or mitigated by Jupiter casting his beneficial aspect over the Lagna. An increase in income from business, gravitating towards the company of friends and a time of partying in social circles are possibilities during the week ahead.

mithunaGemini (Mithuna)
A very favourable week ahead is assured with Lagnadhipati Mercury – Venus combination in your 7th House. Bright career prospects, an income from a foreign source, robust health, increased self-confidence, a more positive and buoyant outlook on life are the benefits in store for you. Rewards and high recognition are in store for you if you are a journalist, writer or a person with communication skills.

kanyaVirgo (Kanya)
Success in educational pursuits, enhanced living comforts and even a festive air about home are on the cards with Mercury – Venus combination powerfully placed in the 4th Kendra. An opportunity for gainful foreign travel remains on the horizon. Your 5th receiving the evil aspect of both Mars and Saturn while the Sun is already placed there is a warning for you to pay greater attention to your children to ensure your safety and wellbeing. You are also prone to eye ailments.

danuSagittarius (Dhanu)
You are fortunate that your Lagnadhipati Jupiter is posited in the 9th Bhagyasthana while casting his beneficial aspect over your Lagna keeping you physically and mentally sound and imbuing you with self-confidence, a positive outlook and a cheerful disposition. A distant Journey, foreign travel or a pilgrimage, is in the offing. Venus – Mercury combination in the Lagna enhances the beneficial effects produced by Jupiter.

meenaPisces (Meena)
Sun in the 11th House can counter malefic influences against you.  You are also likely to find yourself in the company of very important people. A rise in career is indicated for natives running the Mercury Maha Dasa. The threat to your personal safety continues with the Mars’ continued transit in your 8th House. The period up to January 31 is not favourable for any event connected with matrimony.