The President of the National Chamber of Commerce (NCC) Thilak Godamanna recently cautioned the government to gear up to face climatic changes, noting that it is predicted that Sri Lanka will have to face a worst drought this year as the country experienced excessive rain during last year. Proposing that the country should, therefore, start rainwater harvesting, Godamanna called on the government to financially help the house owners by providing at least 59% of the capital for such efforts and encourage the private sector by offering soft loans.

“Such a practice was adopted by the Queensland Government during their drought in 2007, and it was a success. The climate change will be a bigger issue for the whole world during the ensuing years and the participating countries agreed at the Paris Conference (COP21) to collectively curtail global temperature increase, while urging efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees,” the NCC President said addressing the 57th AGM of the NCC held recently.

He further noted that more awareness was needed for the “SRILANKA NEXT, The Blue Green Era” programme inaugurated by the President recently.

Meanwhile, Godamanna also called on the government to provide more and more incentives for export-oriented manufacturing in order to develop exports in the country adding that export-friendly freight charges would also be helpful to boost the sector.
“We should study what the competing countries are offering to strengthen their export markets and take proactive action to compete,” Godamanna said.