If you are fed up with slow internet access on your mobile phone, now might be the right time to upgrade your phone to a 4G enabled handset. You can now trade-in any old mobile phone, in any condition, for a new 4G Dual SIM Smartphone from Abans range of over 20 different 4G models at the price of 3G smartphones.

There are numerous advantages of upgrading to 4G. So if you’re on the fence or wondering what the advantages are, keep on reading, because we’ve got you covered with enough and more reasons to switch to a 4G Smartphone from Abans.

Cost was one of the main deterrent factors for upgrading to 4G, but now Abans have level edit out with 3G pricing. So, when you trade-in your old phone at Abans, you can choose a new 4G Dual SIM Smartphone from reputed brands Apple, LG, Haier and Lenovo from as low as Rs.9,000 upwards with zero percent instalment terms and up to 20 months interest free when you purchase on Credit Card and HP terms. What’s more, you will get an amazing discount of up to Rs.20,000 on your old phone.

Faster speed is an obvious reason to upgrade to 4G. With 4G you’ll be looking at typical downloads of 14Mbps, compared to just 3Mbps on standard 3G and it’s only getting faster, bringing typical download speeds up to around 42Mbps. The extra speed that 4G gives you means it no longer feels slow to use internet. You can comfortably web browse, email, stream music and video, download files and even work or play online games all over a 4G connection.

4G is getting faster as more advanced infrastructure is deployed and that’s set to continue. Other benefits are also starting to emerge, such as VoLTE (detailed below). 3G has hit its peak but you can look at 4G as an investment that’s going to get better over time.

VoLTE (or Voice over LTE) allows you to make voice calls over 4G and offers far superior voice quality, so you can more easily hear what the person at the other end of the line is saying, along with their tone and their actual voice. In future, you could also use it to make video calls and it could even lead to new features like video voicemail.

As well as extra speed, 4G also delivers reduced latency, meaning that devices will get quicker responses to requests than when connected over 3G, reduced from 120 milliseconds on 3G to just 60 milliseconds on 4G. Most of the time that’s a difference that you may not notice, but when online gaming for example or even when streaming video a reduced latency can make a big difference and lead to a smoother experience.

So hurry, and make use of this excellent opportunity to upgrade to a 4G smartphone while the offer lasts. The offer is valid at all Abans, Abans Elite and Abans Mobile Showrooms island-wide.