Cases have been filed by the Indian police against six Sri Lankan doctors for allegedly conducting illegal kidney transplant operations, Indian media reports said today.

The Hindu reported that the cases were filed against Dr. Madhava, Dr. Monik and Dr. Sadhana (Nawaloka Hospital), Dr. Chamila (Hemas Hospital), Dr. Niroshini (Lanka Hospital) and Dr. Habeeba Saheef (Western Hospital), for allegedly performing 60 transplants.

According to reports, the Indian police arrested Suresh Prajapathi (36), who is the kingpin in the kidney racket, and two of his accomplices who had facilitated the 60 kidney transplants. In addition, police also nabbed Dilip Umedamal Chouhan (31), who used to help conduct health tests on donors at various diagnostic centres in Ahmedabad.

  • Noor Nizam – Canada.

    The Sri Lanka’s Private Hospitals Association has said that Indians purportedly supply
    kidneys and were doing so in Sri Lanka and that it was still going on was
    completely FALSE and BASELESS. How come no that these revelations that this inhuman
    and cruel trading of human organs are practiced in Sri Lanka by the elite
    owners of private hospitals and conniving medical professionals, just to make
    lots of greedy BLACK unaccounted money. The police in Nalgonda, in Telangana, India, have
    filed cases against six Sri Lankan Doctors, who are allegedly involved in a
    kidney racket. This is enough
    proof that the Sri Lanka Private Hospital Association statement is incorrect
    and a lie. Sri Lanka has recently been eying to become a
    hub for medical tourism, but this is not medical ethics. Director General of Health Services
    Dr. Palitha Mahipala had requested a detailed report in April 2014 regarding
    the kidney transplant surgeries done here in private hospitals. Accordingly
    Director of Medical Institutions Development Unit, Dr. Kanthi Ariyaratne conducted
    the inquiry. But the report was swept under the carpet by power politicians,
    doctors, surgeons, a prominent kidney surgeon from Borella and private hospital
    owners. President HE. Maithripala Sirisena has now got to set in motion a
    Presidential Committee of Inquiry into this matter and CLEAN the medical
    profession from such corrupt practices and culture. Dr. Kanthin Ariyaratne who
    conducted the inquiry should also be probed fully.

    Noor Nizam.
    Peace and Political Activist and Political Communication Researcher – Canada.