Most of the vehicles reported stolen were motorbikes (File)

Police have warned of a rise in vehicle theft in various parts of the country. Issuing media release containing statistics regarding several serious crimes that have occurred in December, 2014 and December 2015, Police Headquarters has noted that 107 of the 160 incidents of theft reported to police during the month of December, last year involved vehicle theft.

Police have further identified that the motive for the majority of homicides that have occurred in the country was instant rage arising from various disputes and statistics do not point to a rising tide of killings in the country.

The highest number of robberies in one Police Division reported in December last year was from the Tangalle Police Division, where eight incidents were reported, according to the report released by police.

Police have released a separate table of statistics listing specific police divisions where the highest number of vehicle thefts were reported during last December.

Motorbikes made up the highest number of vehicles reported stolen, followed by three-wheelers.

Below are statistics released by the Police today:

table (2) table (3) table (1)