MeshaAries (Mesha)
Sun’s movement to Capricorn falling in your 10TH House stabilizes your career and brightens its prospects. Foreign travel is likely for those in right circumstances.  Health of your children can continue to be a source of concern. The direct aspect of Lagnadhipati Mars on your Lagna makes you dynamic and proactive, but might develop a tendency to become obstinate and headstrong. A brief period of happiness and general prosperity is ahead of you thanks to two benefics, Venus and Mercury posited in your Bhagyasthana.

katakaCancer (Kataka)
A drop in your power and influence is in the offing with the Sun’s departure from your 6th House.  So it is to your advantage to keep a low profile for some time. However, Rahu in the 3rd House is in a position to counter malefic forces against you. A diplomatic posting in a foreign capital is on the cards for natives in right circumstances. Children will continue to be a source of concern for you.

thulaLibra (Thula)
You are likely to incur the displeasure of kith and kin, even family members due to a newly developed tendency to impose your will on others. Ongoing period is not opportune for you to assert your authority. Mars’ influence in the Lagna makes you bold and energetic, but accident-prone.  You will continue to be resourceful with stable status and a steady inflow of income. Family problems and defective vision and hearing will continue to cause anxiety to those running the Saturn’s Maha Dasa.

makaraCapricorn (Makara)
The week ahead is very favourable for natives seeking or holding, military, executive or political high office. Stability or rise in career is also indicated. You will feel a new surge of zest and energy galvanizing you into action due to the influence of the Sun in your Lagna. Those running Rahu Maha Dasa are likely to come into unexpected wealth.

VrushabhaTaurus (Vrushabha)
Foreign travel or a distant journey in connection with an academi cpurpose is on the cards.  However, you will notgo short of living comforts wherever you are.   Poor health or the unsatisfactory conduct of your spouse would continue to cause you concern. However, this situation will change for the better after January 20. Natives holding political, military or executive office are in for a rise in status.

simhaLeo (Simha)
The current lineup of planets is very favourable with the Sun powerful in the 6th, Mars in the 3rd and Venus commanding Digbala in the 4th  House while Jupiter is positioned in the Lagna. Natives in politics can look forward to rise to high office if their Dasas are also favourable.  You are assured of good health, a commanding personality, power, influence and high status.

VrushikaScorpio (Vrushika)
An increase in your power and influence is on the cards.  But you are likely to develop a tendency to become more self-centered and domineering. A powerful Jupiter in your 10thKarmasthana continues to be your anchor at a time you are undergoing Lagna Shani Erashtaka that causes you mental unrest, poor health and disappointments.  A simple and austere lifestyle too will bring you benefits.

kumbaAquarius (Kumbha)
A decline in your status, heavy expenses and poor health could result due to the loss of beneficial influence of the Sun. However, these unfavorable effects are countered or mitigated by Jupiter casting his beneficial aspect over the Lagna. You can look forward to an increase in your income after January 20. The period up to February 20 is not favourable for travelling.

mithunaGemini (Mithuna)
An income from a foreign source is on the cards. You are likely to develop a more positive and buoyant outlook on life. Strained relations with brothers a strong likelihood. Rewards and high recognition are in store for you if you are a journalist, writer or a person with communication skills. You have to act with restraint and sagacity as you are prone to strong emotions and passions.

kanyaVirgo (Kanya)
Foreign travel possibly for an academic purpose is strongly indicated. Lagnadhipati Mercury’s ingress back into the 4th House is favourable for studies. Rahu continuing transit in your Lagna imbues you with boldness and a spirit of adventure, but it is a warning for you not to take hasty actions and decisions.  Those running the Maha Dasa of Rahu in particular should act with restraint and foresight. Ongoing period is favourable for natives engaged in literary pursuits like journalism and writing of books.

danuSagittarius (Dhanu)
Two benefics Mercury and Venus are occupying your Lagna while Lagnadhipati Jupiter is casting his special beneficial aspect over it keeping you physically and mentally sound and imbuing you with self-confidence, a positive outlook and a cheerful disposition.  A distant Journey, foreign travel or a pilgrimage, is in the offing.  You are prone to eye ailments.

meenaPisces (Meena)
Sun in the 11th House can counter malefic influences against you.  You are also likely to find yourself in the company of very important people. A rise in career is indicated for natives running the Mercury Maha Dasa. The threat to your personal safety continues with the Mars continued transit in your 8th House. The period up to January 31 is not favourable for any event connected with matrimony.