Oversized outerwear, kitten heals with jeans and ombré hairdos may seem weird but when a fashion icon takes it up it becomes a trend. From Diana to Rihanna these idols set the trends in fashion. Whether alive or dead they influence how we look at fashion and their trends last decades. Here are some fashion icons and their timeless trends that you might also want to give a try.

Surprising but true… This lady almost never wears flats! To get her an all fresh and casual look she recommends that you go with kitten heals, stilettos, wedge heels, platform heels or cone heels. She says that by simply wearing one of these cool heels with a T-shirt and jeans, it will for sure make your attire more striking!


oversized outerwear
Being a super famous idol, she is recognized as wild and sexy. As Rihanna says, adding a little tomboy edge makes her look wildly attractive and confident which she describes as the reason for her to follow such techniques. “Wearing totally oversized outerwear makes you all hot and stand-out!” is her advice. Rihanna also says that she isn’t afraid of having a daring look which she proves by wearing a body chain which she layers under her black bra along with men’s boxer shorts while adding the final touches by wearing with it an awesome denim jacket. No wonder she’s called the fashion risk-taker.


above knee
This princess of Britain is indeed very feminine and elegant. She could be described as a person who blends trends to create her own style. Her grace adds to her marvelous fashion skills. Princess Kate has also had a major impact upon British and American fashion, which is known as the ‘Kate Middleton effect’. She advises, “A dress with a hemline just a little above the knee would give you a youthful look no matter what age you might be.” According to her, picking a dress with a darker colour around the waist and the rest of the area in a lighter colour would make a woman look slimmer and attractive.


high waisted shorts
Taylor Swift always looks perfect! It’s either the hat, cardigan or high waisted shorts! She says that this combination looks attractive and would totally go to the closet of 2016. The Dark Sunglasses and the jeans highlights a woman’s looks, says she, and indeed is an all time fave of any girl.


Princess Diana, who was a slight show-off, was a lovely and graceful woman who did things her own way. She didn’t mind playing with the trends at the time and was confident and talented enough in doing so. This made her the ideal charming lady. As she was a strong swimmer she loved showing-off in the pool and at the beach. Her fascinating bikinis, shades, hats and maxis including all her other gorgeous beach-dresses are considered fashionable up to date. It reveals Princess Diana’s extraordinary skill in fashion.


This amazing Portuguese football player mixes sporty wear to bring out a brand new style! His clothes don’t hang off his shoulders but gives a flashy look as he moves about on the field. You can totally imagine his wardrobe. Can you not? He is laid-back and fashionable as he blends with his clothes a cool and typical European-inspired whole new look. The uniqueness in his formal and informal clothes has been the center of attention for quite a while. No wonder girls go crazy for him.


ombré hairdo
Queen Bey’s hair styles are an absolutely must-notice. She says, “The changes of my hair assures an outstanding look and motivates me in everything I do which is the very reason for me to play with it!” She suggests having a fantastic ombré hairdo which is ‘the thing’ for 2016! She says, curly, wavy, short or long, the colour of the hair should be a result of your inspiration as it gets you in the ‘mood’.


Somehow, he always looks his best and was the heart-throb of many girls (until he got married I guess). He looks perfect every time without appearing as if he spent hours picking out his outfit. He recommends all guys wear straight-cut jeans, combat boots and leather jackets to be at the center of attention. Tattoos seem awesome and trendy but it’s up to you to decide and create your own style.