The Export Development Board (EDB) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) on 12th January, 2016 with the view to enhance research and development access to Sri Lanka’s exporters.

As part of that endeavour EDB has provided space to SLINTEC to open a satellite office at their headquarters in Nawam Mawatha.

In addition to the strategic and business development, staff of SLINTEC being present on a regular basis at the EDB premises, SLINTEC will also conduct a weekly ‘Science Clinic’ to enable exporters to discuss their main concerns and drive new innovation to their current product range. The EDB encourages the exporters to utilize the facilities being offered and to seek assistance from SLINTEC where necessary. The EDB will also consider providing financial assistance to exporters to carry out research and development to address high impact projects. State Minister of International Trade Sujeewa Senasinghe who witnessed the event said: “Within the last three months the EDB has started many new initiatives including the one-stop-shop and Exporters Forum. These initiatives have resulted in a new focus and today’s MoU extends this new outlook even further. We need to realise that in addition to FDI and policies, new technology is crucial for us to develop and even enhance our exports effort. Countries above Sri Lanka such as Korea, Singapore, etc kept pace and won and this lesson for us. Today’s MoU enables to share SLINTEC’s great scientific knowledge and expertise with our keen exporters who will help us to take us towards our exports goal.”

SLINTEC is a public-private partnership between the Government of Sri Lanka and the major players in the private sector, namely MAS Holdings, Brandix, Dialog, Hayleys, Loadstar and Lankem.