Chairman and Managing Director of DIMO Ranjith Pandithage partnering with Philippe Richart, CEO of Holcim Lanka

Holcim (Lanka) Ltd, a member of the Lafarge Holcim Group, in the pursuit of continued development in safety and technology has provided an astounding investment, partnering with facilitator, Diesel & Motor Engineering Plc (DIMO), who handed over the largest bulldozer to be supplied to Sri Lanka with its main operational functions being ripping and dozing limestone.

The new D375A-6R is the 03rd generation of large dozers in the island, solely owned and operated by Holcim, following an eleven [11] year full maintenance contract with predecessor Komatsu D375A-5. This mammoth machine is the second dozer to be delivered to Holcim by DIMO.In this strategic move, Holcim opted to be the first in Sri Lanka to source the newer and improved Komatsu D375A-6R signing a ten [10] year maintenance agreement contract with DIMO, further strengthening the relationship of these two industry giants.