Don’t go by his oh-so-cherubic face and harmless demenour, for he is one of the most vicious faces in Bollywood. Dabboo Ratnani goes on a ‘shooting’ spree every year and the poor, hapless Bollywood stars can’t help but smile helplessly as he merrily clicks away the shutterbugs! Dabboo comes out with his yearly calendar where he captures the current top-notch stars in the most unconventional and risque positions!

What makes this calendar so interesting is the fact that you see the often ‘proper and media conscious’ A-listers come out of their shell, let their inhibitions fade away as they surrender to the man of the moment as he, with his two adorable kids and wife, take full charge. And there is no escaping from this shooting!


Dabboo Ratnani (2)