Observing the true spirit of Christmas, in a magnanimous gesture of goodwill, Abans Welfare Society conducted a CSR Project at their Kadolkale Warehouse in Seeduwa and at their Head Office in Kollupitiya on 30th December 2015, where over 1500 children of the staff working at Abans Group were presented with all their requirements for the new school year. The children in the age groups from Montessori to grade 12 were presented with school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, school books, stationery items and other paraphernalia needed for the New Year at school. This is the 5th consecutive year that Abans has distributed school requirements to the children of their staff.
The event was organized by Deputy Director of Abans Ajith Jayasinghe, with unstinted support from the directors of Abans Group. Jayasinghe said that Abans were particularly concerned about the welfare of children and conducted many CSR projects from time to time to help in the fields of child health and education.

The Chief Guest at the event was Mrs. Aban Pestonjee, Chairperson of Abans Group. Dr. Saroshi Dubash and P.N. Pestonjee also graced the occasion.

Mrs. Aban Pestonjee addressing the gathering said that she hoped that the children will make good use of the books and materials given to them and study hard and pass their exams. She also stressed the importance of children participating in extracurricular activities such as sports, music and drama in school which play a significant role in moulding their character, instilling discipline as well as helping them in their studies. She assured the children that once they completed their education, they would be welcome to join Abans and there would always be a place for them with the Abans Group.

Dr. Saroshi Dubash, Director of Abans Group, addressing the children stressed on the importance to study hard and become useful citizens of Sri Lanka and contribute to the development of our country. She also assured the children that as much as their parents had served Abans loyally and faithfully, they too would be welcome to join Abans after completing their studies, and build rewarding careers for themselves.

Abans conduct very meaningful CSR initiatives from time to time, projecting their concern for the wellbeing of the people of our nation. Whenever there is a natural disaster such as floods or droughts in the country, Abans are always in the forefront working silently to bring relief to those affected. Abans Welfare Society is a very active organization with the support of the directors and senior management always looking for ways to help the people of our nation with meaningful CSR initiatives.

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