The Police Department is taking measures to fill 3276 vacancies that exist in its officer cadre.

Issuing a media release, Police Headquarters states that the attention of the IGP had been drawn to the issue and he had sent a letter to Secretary to the Ministry of Law and Order dated December 30, 2015, which will be forwarded to the National Police Commission, requesting its approval to fill these vacancies.

According to police, the following vacancies have been identified among its officer positions:

Inspector of Police                  –    521

Women Inspector of Police    –      52

Police Sergeant                        –  1861

Women Police Sergeant          –    567

Police Sergeant Driver             –    275

The media release states that the vacancies will be filled taking an officer’s period of service into consideration. As such, the vacancies will be filled based on seniority.

Accordingly, Inspector positions will be filled by Sub Inspectors who will be promoted to Inspector, Women Inspectors of Police by Women Sub Inspectors of Police, Police Sergeants by Police Constables, Women Police Sergeants by Women Police Constables and Police Sergeant Drivers by Police Constable Drivers.

The vacancies are expected to be filled as soon as the National Police Commission gives its approval.