Aries (Mesha)Mesha
Several planetary changes in the offing can throw many of workaday affairs domestic, marital, and career and travel-related into a state of flux. Stability will be back in place after January 20.  The direct aspect of Lagnadhipati Mars on your Lagna makes you dynamic and proactive, but might develop a tendency to become obstinate and headstrong.  Favourable developments related to your career are on the cards after January 15. Your position of authority and sources of income will remain unaffected by the planetary changes at hand.

Taurus (Vrushabha)Vrushabha
Foreign travel or a distant journey in connection with an academic purpose is on the cards.  However, you will notgo short of living comforts wherever you are.   Poor health or the unsatisfactory conduct of your spouse would continue to cause you concern. However, this situation will change for the better after January 20. Natives holding political, military or executive office are in for a rise in status.

Gemini (mithuna)
An income from a foreign source is on the cards. You are likely to develop a more positive and buoyant outlook on life. Strained relations with brothers a strong likelihood. Rewards and high recognition are in store for you if you are a journalist, writer or a person with communication skills. You have to act with restraint and sagacity as you are prone to strong emotions and passions.

Cancer (Kataka)kataka
A drop in your power and influence is in the offing with the Sun’s departure from your 6th House.  So it is to your advantage to keep a low profile for some time. However, Rahu in the 3rd House is in a position to counter malefic forces against you. A diplomatic posting in a foreign capital is on the cards for natives in right circumstances. Children will continue to be a source of concern for you.

Leo (Simha)simha
Lagnadhipati Sun will become very powerful when he moves into your 6th House on January 15. His influence will enhance your power and influence. Meanwhile, Jupiter is in transit in your Lagna as the lord of the 5th Moolatrikona assuring you of good health, a strong personality and moral and psychological strength. A strong Mars in the 3rd House imbues you with boldness and a spirit of adventure.

Virgo (Kanya)kanya
Lagnadhipati Mercury’s ingress back into the 4th House is favourable for studies. Rahu continuing transit in your Lagna imbues you with boldness and a spirit of adventure, but it is a warning for you not to take hasty actions and decisions.  Those running the MahaDasa of Rahu in particular should act with restraint and foresight. However, Mars in the 2nd House can cause domestic problems.


Libra (Thula)thula
You might suffer a dip your position of power and influence with the Sun’s exit from the 3rd House on January 15. Mars’ influence in the Lagna makes you bold and energetic, but accident-prone.  You will continue to be resourceful with stable status and a steady inflow of income. Family problems and defective vision and hearing are indicated for those running the Saturn’s MahaDasa.

Scorpio (Vrushika)Vrushika
Sun’s movement into your 3rd House on January 15 is very favourable for you. A powerful Jupiter in your 10th Karmasthana is your anchor at a time you are undergoing LagnaShaniErashtaka that causes you mental unrest, poor health and disappointments.  A simple and austere lifestyle too will bring you benefits.  Mars’ evil influencein your 12th House can lead to your involvement in disputes and clashes.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)danu
Lagnadhipati Jupiter’s special beneficial aspect over your Lagna keeps you physically and mentally sound and imbues you with self-confidence. Matrimonial prospects will brighten. Income sources will remain steady.  A distant Journey, foreign travel or a pilgrimage, is in the offing.  Time is not opportune for constant moving about in social circles for you are likely to make more enemies than friends.

Capricorn (Makara)makara
You will feel a new surge of zest and energy galvanizing you into action due to the influence of the Sun in your Lagna. Matters that cause you anxiety and heavy expenses will cease to exist.  A rise in career is indicated for natives running Mars MahaDasa. Ongoing period is very favourable for natives holding high ranks in armed services. A rise in income is indicated for natives engaged in agricultural and mining pursuits.

Aquarius (Kumbha)kumba
The forecast for the last week generally holds good for this week too. Your self-confidence, buoyant spirits, drive and motivation will continue undiminished thanks to Jupiter placed in your 7th House casting his beneficial aspect on the Lagna. Career success, gainful foreign travel and high status are indicated for natives with a strong natal Saturn.

Pisces (Meena)meena
A change in your career or the workplace is strongly indicated.   An unconventional marriage or a love relationship – a partner being a foreigner or someone outside your community – is on the cards. There is a threat to your reputation and your personal safety which is a warning for you to act with caution and foresight. Heavy expenses and a tendency to get involved in disputes likely due to a weak 12th House.