“Each person is in need of making his mark but not everyone is aware of the trials and tribulations they are put through in achieving that one objective…”

Disney presents Pixar Animation Studios film The Good Dinosaur, taking us on a whole new adventure! The Good Dinosaur released the same year after possibly Pixar’s greatest film – Inside Out – takes one to a world beyond imagination. This is the first time Pixar had ever released two films in the same year. It’s impossible for one to not compare the two animations while putting The Good Dinosaur at a disadvantage. However having its own unique story line, Inside Out, takes one to a world beyond imagination revolving around a child who gets confused about expressing emotions.

Compared to the fascinating scenes in Inside Out, it is obvious that each incident in the movie The Good Dinosaur is much plain, simple and clichéd. However, the bringing out of each character’s individuality and the heart-melting instances along with instances of humour makes one overlook its simplicity and focus on each scene.

Fortunately, including our hero, Arlo (voiced by Raymond Ochao), his family (Jeffery Wright and Frances McDormand) and siblings and all the other mighty dinosaurs did not get wiped out all those millions of years ago. Following the horrific family tragedy faced by the young Apatosaurus, a terrible rainstorm washes away young Arlo downriver who ends up black-and-blue, far away from home. As good luck shimmers upon him he encounters a little Neanderthal boy who Arlo names as Spot, willingly offers help to the young dino on his mission to search for his family. Together this unlikely duo embarks on a marvelous adventure in order to reunite Arlo with his family!

Are the themes inimitable or ‘nothing specials’?
The Good Dinosaur, clichéd as it is however employs interesting themes! The themes are approached from a completely different and refreshing perspective. What would ever happen if the asteroid which changed the world missed it and dinosaurs forever remained on Earth? The answer to this mind-boggling question is brought out in this latest Pixar film of 2015. As one of the main themes, the Dino-human camaraderie takes center stage while giving prominence to a reign of a dino society where humans lived as cavemen and not much different from the creatures. As another focal theme, the natural backgrounds are used to make a colossal impact on the story as it realistically influences not only the characters but the story itself.

The director of The Good Dinosaur, Peter Sohn explains in an interview with Yahoo UK how replacing the cast was decided on as a result of the ‘massive fix’ of the storyline which delayed the movie’s release in 2014. This affected the film immensely as the alternations were very extensive and creative than the previous plan. The huge change which took place in the movie was due to him wanting a young and empathetic kid as the protagonist, Arlo, to gradually draw out how the young dino advances in time as the story evolves.

The central character of the film, Arlo, the young timorous Apatosaurus was initially voiced by a 29 year old actor named Lucas Neff. However his mature performance contradicted with the film’s freshly idealized vision. As an outcome of this state of affairs the film required a young and stimulating voice to portray the young dino’s personality. The ‘wrapping-up’ of the situation resulted when 13 year old Raymond Ochao filled in as Neff’s replacement.

A little and adorable human boy who moves around in leafy underpants, the film’s ‘most captivating’ handiwork voiced by Jack Bright named by Arlo as Spot, assists him who was separated and now is in search of his family throughout the journey of ‘exploration’ bringing to surface a whole epic adventure with the most implausible combination!
Voice actors and actresses, Poppa (Jeffery Wright), Momma (Frances McDormand), Buck (Marcus Scribner), Nash (AJ Buckley), Ramesy (Anna Paquin), and Butch (Sam Elliott) portray each role perfectly as they influence the life of the protagonist both positively and negatively.

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