Abans shelters Hoover, a well renowned brand globally for designing powerful, easy-to-use products that clean your entire home from floor to ceiling. Hence, it is popularly known as an all-rounder in the department of cleanliness. Over the years through continuous growth and development Hoover has carried out numerous tweaks and refinements to give consumers the most innovative features available in the market.
Hoover offers a comprehensive line of products ranging from general and special purpose vacuum cleaners, washers, dryers, refrigerators, cookers and pressure washers. The key element Hoover strives to incorporate in all their products is the level of convenience delivered to its consumers. Given that cleaning in general is considered a tedious task, Hoover aims at enabling ease of use to speed up the process while maintaining efficiency.
The washers are available in various capacities and contain multiple features in keeping with modern technology. While providing consumers with beneficial features such as being energy efficient, Hoover washers are built with a 3D Dynamic Wash System. The 3D Dynamic Wash System is designed to maximize the movement of clothes during a wash cycle to facilitate a thorough outcome by removing stubborn stains and optimizing the level of cleanliness without compromising on the quality of fabric.

The line of Hoover refrigerators are designed to deliver style, efficiency and versatility. Hoover Cookers provides a stylish professional look whilst simultaneously providing flexibility in the kitchen.

In addition to this the range of Hoover products venture into Pressure Washers that are available in two variants, car based use and for home use.

Hoover has earned international recognition as one of the leading brands for products pertaining to cleaning with its high levels of quality, durability and prominent energy saving features. The range of renowned Hoover products is available at Abans Showrooms and Abans Elite Showrooms island-wide.