The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has recently launched its Activity Plan 2016 to fundamentally support the long-term goals which includes increasing efficiency, quality of service and enhancing technical standards and safety of electricity industry in Sri Lanka.

Collectively, these measures have been taken to significantly improve the performance of the electricity sector, making it fairer, more efficient and more growth-friendly through regulating and monitoring by the Commission.

Commenting on the newly launched activity plan, Director General of Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Damitha Kumarasinghe said, “It was after the very comprehensive consultation process that we finalized this activity plan. Internally, we have adopted systematic approach in drafting the activity plan annually. This time, we recognized 12 long-term goals to be achieved by the electricity sector, in line with the Electricity Act and the PUCSL Act. Then we planned various projects to achieve those goals. Draft Activity plan was open for public comments and after consideration of those comments the Commission approved the final plan.”

Activity Plan (2)Accordingly, the Commission has listed out series of activities to uplift the standards of the electricity industry and plans to conduct studies on efficiency and reliability.

Sri Lanka’s Government recently provided policy and legislative backing through budget 2016 to broaden and strengthen the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka by giving the regulatory powers of water services industry and petroleum industry enabling a more cost reflective transparent pricing mechanism.

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka plays a pivotal role in the national economy as the watchdog for the economic, safety and technical regulator of the Electricity Industry in Sri Lanka while the Water and Petroleum industries will soon be under the Commission’s purview. Currently, the Commission also acts as the shadow regulator for the lubricant sub sector.

The Commission ensures that the electricity sector in Sri Lanka has adequate investments, greater availability, efficient supply, and improved quality of services for electricity consumers.

The Commission also regulates the generation, transmission, distribution, supply and use of electricity.

The total budget for the programmes listed in the Activity Plan 2016 has been estimated as Rs. 241.9 million.

The Activity Plan 2016 is available for reference at