Gardening is not just a hobby anymore. It is a sure-fire way to relieve stress and boost your self-esteem. At the same time, it provides you with the moderate intensity exercise, which helps maintain your cardiac health. It keeps your hand muscles vigorous and agile with age and even improves the overall immunity and brain health. The singular factor preventing you from reaping the much valued benefits of gardening maybe the lack of garden space. However, you could utilize a small space and still enjoy all the benefits of gardening and create a pleasant surrounding in the process.

Below is a garden designed to bring out the natural elements such as earth and water.  The size of the pool and sitting area could be adjusted depending on the availability of space. You could even skip either one of these altogether and stick to a small path between the flower patches instead. You could always skip the stairs, based on your preference. If you add the stairs, clay pots with geraniums can be placed on one side of the steps, to bring the nature into your home.

Use terra-cotta tiles for the flooring of the sitting space. This would bring out the earth element. Embed this in the soil, in a simple grid pattern and lay gravel between the spaces. If you prefer more green, you could use grass instead of gravel.

You could grow Begonias and African Violets in clay pots to include a decorative element. These could either be placed on the floor or on a small table. In addition, you could fix pots on to the wall and train plants against the wall. This is an excellent way of maximizing limited space. This usually needs a strong support; galvanized training wire is a good option. For this, drill the walls and then plug the holes with vine eyes. Thread the galvanized wire through the hole in the vine eye and wrap it around itself to tie it off. Then let a creeper such as Bougainvillea train itself upwards on the wire. This will blossom all over, adding colour to your garden. In the pots that are fixed on the wall, grow Petunias of different colors. If you prefer something more exotic, you could plant Orchids instead.
Select evergreen plants for the garden. Plant small Cyprus trees that doesn’t have extensive root systems. You could also use small Palms, such as the Chusan Palm. These are very decorative and grows without much effort. Try a Jasmin creeper along a wall; this would spread its cheery sweet fragrance all over the garden. Plant Aloe vera, in between a patch of rock Violets, for both variety and colour. In addition, healing properties of Aloe would come in handy. Rose bushes could be added near walls, with colorful Hydrangea at their feet. Flowering plants of Cape Leadwort could be used at borders, to increase the charm. This is available in both blue and white, reminding you of bright blue skies, even on gloomy days. Asters could be planted at the feet of bigger plants.

Addition of a small pond, would give out a cooling effect, on warm sunny days. Or you could use a large clay pot with an open mouth for this purpose. These are available in the market. Fill the base of the pot/pond with 5cm of soft sand. Use a pot filled with compost, and plant Water Lily or Lotus in this pot. Cover the surface of compost with pebbles and immerse this in the pond.  Make sure your pond receives plenty of sunlight, as this is crucial for the flowering of water plants. Grow ferns of different varieties near the pond. This would add to the cooling effect, as well as to the natural feel.

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