DFCC bank conducted a successful New Year children’s savings drive. The Bank invited parents to open savings accounts for their children on New Year’s Day 2016 and promised in return an additional Rs.1000 to the account. The promotion was aimed at encouraging parents to consciously save for the future of their children. The day saw double the expected number of children’s account opened across 137 branches and DFCC Bank honoured their pledge of an additional Rs. 1000 into all such accounts.

Commenting on the special savings drive, CEO of DFCC Bank Arjun Fernando stated, “We witnessed a level of activity in our branches never seen before on a New Year’s Day. Our objective was to use the occasion to send out this important message on the value of saving for one’s future. As a responsible Bank keen on developing individuals as well as Business institutions and contribute to the country’s overall progress we are very pleased at how successfully we were able to pass this message out to the public.”

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