We have already got several smartphones with 3D displays on the market. While you might be completely obsessed with those amazing screens, the future smartphones will come with an even better technology, called Hologram. According to different reports, the future handsets will have their 3D displays integrated with the elements of
movements. For instance, you will be able to move the objects on the screen from one location to another by grabbing them.

Amazing Phone  (3)Flexible Screen
Flexible screen is also another interesting feature. It will allow you to fold the screen to a pocketable size. As the smartphones of today’s world are getting bigger, the particular option has the potentiality to revolutionize the entire smartphone industry.

Amazing Phone  (4)Integrated Projector
Integrated projector is one of the most highly anticipated options of the future
smartphones. It will allow the smartphones to get transformed into a gaming console without a television. More specifically, it will allow the device to display the objects on a flat surface. You can also use this feature to perform the presentation or watch movies. It will definitely be a groundbreaking feature.

Amazing Phone  (5)Seamless Voice Control
The voice control app, including Siri, has received a significant advancement during the past several years. It will continue to get even better. According to different rumors, the future smartphones will get the seamless voice control feature. It will be accompanied by the gestures. This combination has the potentiality to take the interactivity to a new level.

Amazing Phone  (2)Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality will allow you to point your camera at any place and find its important information, including the nearest restaurant, hospital, police stations, etc. In other words, you will not need to use other apps to perform the particular function. Due to its extreme effectiveness, the Augmented Reality takes the first spot in our list of future smartphone features.