MeshaAries (Mesha)
The direct aspect of Lagnadhipati Mars on your Lagna makes you dynamic and proactive. Natives in general would develop an unusual interest in the opposite sex, and the young and the unmarried would feel an inner urge to find a life partner. An increased income from business or occupation is strongly indicated.  You are prone to mental depression and a negative outlook due to the unfavorable influence of Saturn in the 8th House. You are advised to overcome negative feelings and develop a positive outlook for success.

katakaCancer (Kataka)
The week ahead too is very favourable for those in positions of power and authority. Ongoing period continues to be favourable for natives engaged in foreign trade, but they are advised to hold back new plans and deals until at least January 15. You will continue to get a steady income from all current sources.  However, your children would continue to be a source of anxiety.

thulaLibra (Thula)
Your position of power and influence remains stable with a powerful Sun in the 3rd House. You have to be mindful of your personal safety as you are prone to accidents. You will continue to be resourceful with stable status and a steady inflow of income. Family problems and defective vision and hearing are indicated for those running the Saturn’s Maha Dasa.

makaraCapricorn (Makara)
You are likely to suffer from a confused state mind caused by indecision and a sense of being out of tune with the rush of events.  You will regain peace of mind and tranquility by mid-January.  A rise in career is indicated for natives running Mars Maha Dasa. Ongoing period is very favourable for natives holding high ranks in armed services. A rise in income is indicated for natives engaged in agricultural and mining pursuits.

VrushabhaTaurus (Vrushabha)  
Poor health or the unsatisfactory conduct of your spouse could become a source of concern for you. However, this situation will change for the better after January 20. Ongoing period is not favourable matrimonial matters either. However, natives holding political, military or executive office are in for a rise in status. You are assured of living comforts with a strong Jupiter placed in your 4th House.

simhaLeo (Simha)
You are very fortunate that Jupiter is in transit in your Lagna as the lord of the 5th Moolatrikona assuring you of good health, a strong personality and moral and psychological strength. A strong Mars in the 3rd House imbues you with boldness and a spirit of adventure. You are likely to face family problems, possibly those arising from strained relations with close kinsmen. Your position of power and authority will become more stable after January 16.

VrushikaScorpio (Vrushika)
A powerful Jupiter in your 10th Karmasthana is your anchor at a time you are undergoing Lagna Shani Erashtaka that causes you mental unrest, poor health and disappointments.   However, you can overcome all your problems if you act with restraint and courage and equanimity. A simple and austere lifestyle too will bring you benefits.  Marsin your 12th House is a warning for you to be on your guard until at least February 20 to ward off threat to your health, wealth and your good reputation.

kumbaAquarius (Kumbha)
A generally favourable week is ahead of you with Jupiter placed in your 7th House, casting his beneficial aspect on the Lagna. Career success, gainful foreign travel and high status are indicated for natives with a strong natal Saturn.  Planetary changes due during this month hold out bright prospects for the natives running favourable Dasas. A distant journey is on the cards by the end of this month.

mithunaGemini (Mithuna)
You are advised to put on hold taking vital decisions particularly in respect of business or educational matters until January 15. Rewards and high recognition are in store for you if you are a journalist, writer or a person with communication skills. You will continue to find yourself in circumstances requiring you to be on constant move. The advice to pay special attention to the safety of your children still holds good.

kanyaVirgo (Kanya)
Rahu continuing transit in your Lagna imbues you with boldness and a spirit of adventure, but it is a warning for you not to take hasty actions and decisions.  Those running the Maha Dasa of Rahu in particular should act with restraint and foresight. You also have to resist the inclination to be discourteous and rude to others who incur your displeasure. You are likely to get a leadership position if your Dasa lords are favourable.

danuSagittarius (Dhanu)
Planetary positions continue to be favourable for you assuring you of wealth, health and general prosperity. The Sun placed between benefics Venus and Mercury and Lagnadhipati Jupiter posited powerfully in the 9th House have placed you in a fortunate situation at the dawn of the New Year.  A distant Journey, foreign travel or a pilgrimage, is in the offing.

meenaPisces (Meena)
A rise in the career is indicated for natives running the Maha Dasa of sun. An unconventional marriage- a partner being a foreigner or someone outside your community – is on the cards. Planetary changes due within this month are auspicious for you also.  You are advised to be mindful of your personal safety as Mars is placed in your 8th House.  You are prone to skin diseases if your natal Ketu is afflicted.