Former Test, One Day International batsman and administrator Sanjeewa Ranatunga says that the cricket loving public will not see the desired change in the game’s administration irrespective of whoever wins the next Sri Lanka Cricket Board Elections.

Ranatunga told Nation that those interested in administration don’t want cricket to be rosy because that provides them with the ideal situation to get votes. “One must always remember that administrators come to get benefits, not to work,” said Ranatunga.
He is the fifth in a six-member Ranathunga family and is known to be critical of any wrongdoing, even if the culprits are his own siblings. “I have come to this place in life because the public has accepted me as an honest individual. Public image matters to me,” he said.

Ranatunga also functioned as a match referee, but was soon criticizing those who were faulting in sports administration. He was told to choose between being a match referee and joining media discussions. He chose the latter.

He said that when good people are silent, people with a tainted past assume power. “We need politicians who can put everything on the right track. To do so the higher ups must show the way to achieve success by doing a proper job” he said.

The former player said that the monies generated from the sport must not be used for raising votes, but must be channeled so that they go to the hands of the players.
Ranatunga said he tried to clean up sport and teamed up with several enthusiastic individuals and formed certain groups. But he said that he was disappointed in the end because certain corrupt individuals found their way into these groups. He said he gave up cleaning sport after that.

He warned that the present system in cricket should be changed immediately because there was room for players and umpires who are not up to the mark to get opportunities due to favoritism.

The popular cricket talk show guest said that he chose to serve a mercantile company with his talent rather than give his services to cricket because, “when I do my job for my present employer no one fights with me. This will not be the case in cricket”.