Over the past 34 years, 42,000 children have received the service of SOS Children’s Villages. Children who are abandoned, ones whose families are unable to take care of them for varied economic or behavioural reasons, are nurtured and educated, and are provided the amenities required to grow up in a secure environment under the watchful and loving guidance of a SOS mother. The SOS mother is indeed the hero, a unique woman who has been chosen for her special aptitude, and possesses an innate calling to be dedicated to the lives of the children under her care and is at tuned to the way of life at an SOS Village. SOS Sri Lanka ensures SOS mothers are provided with theoretical, practical and vocational training to develop the necessary skills that the job entails.

One of our most heartwarming success stories is Janith’s. After losing his parents in a tragic accident, Janith was adopted by his relatives. Due to the effects of the trauma, and the resulting behavioural issues, they were unable to care for him anymore and he was placed in the care of SOS Children’s Village by the Department of Probation and Child Care. After much time and effort put in by his SOS Mother he settled in, and blossomed to be a bright, kind and compassionate young man. He is now a proud owner of his own beauty salon, happily married and regularly visits his SOS mother Mala who is now 60 years old and retired and residing in the village. Mala has raised 20 children and is now enjoying her role as a great-grandmother! She proudly states ‘I have been a mother to children who at one point lost everything. That is much more of an accomplishment to me than anything else in the world”.

Sampath is another great example of the genuine bond between SOS mother and child. Abandoned in a hospital as an infant, with no relatives to be found, he was then placed in a nutrition center and later sent to an SOS Village. Sampath truly thrived at the SOS Village, excelling in both sports and studies. He is now a senior manager at a leading organization and a home owner at a relatively young age. It is a remarkable achievement for someone who was abandoned early on in life. Sampath deeply acknowledges the love and care that he received from his SOS mother and visits her every month and plans to care for her in her retirement. He actively participates and contributes to events held at the SOS Youth Centre, paying it forward as it may, to enhance and transform another young person’s life.

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