All rugby playing schools are focusing on fitness these days

All rugby playing schools in Kandy have started pre-season training. They are preparing for the upcoming inter-school seven-a-side rugby tournament which is scheduled for January 30 and 31 in Colombo. These training sessions focus more on fitness till the season (15-a-side) officially begins.
Rugby playing schools in Kandy have served as breeding grounds for club and national rugger teams. All schools in Kandy are blessed with good players and coaches.
This season Trinity College will be led by second row forward Rahul Karunatilake. St. Anthony’s College is likely to appoint forward Pasidu Hewawitharane as their captain. Kingswood College will be led by S.R. Udgalahetiyawa. Dharmaraja College will be led by Chalidu Wijesinghe. St. Sylvester’s College is led by Devanka Welugampola. Vidyartha haven’t decided on whom to select as captain.