After their blockbuster venture, Velai Illaa Pattathaari last year, the trio Dhanush, director Velraj and composer Anirudh have once again joined for Thangamagan which hit the screens worldwide on December. Dhanush, apart from playing the lead has donned the role of the producer through his ‘Wunderbar films’.

Thangamagan revolves around Thamizh (Dhanush) who tries to find out the mysterious circumstances under which his father Vijayraghavan, played by veteran director KS Ravikumar committed suicide.

The film opens with Thamizh, his wife Yamuna (Samantha) and his mother (Raadhika Sarathkumar) moving to a new house, which is way beyond their comfort level. Thamizh, along with his friend Kumaran (Sathish) goes job hunting. Despite all companies being impressed with his resume, he doesn’t get a job owing to the issues he faced in his previous workplace, where he had worked alongside his father at the time of his death. Eventually, he starts working in a buriyani shop.

He comes home drunk one night and begins to narrate the incidents leading up to the point where they had to relocate to the new house.

The plot is pretty simple. Dhanush is a happy go lucky guy during his college days and is close to Kumaran, and his cousin Aravind (Adith Arun). Thamizh at one point falls in love with Hema (Amy Jackson), an architecture student. Hema eventually falls in love with Thamizh, but Thamizh keeps his love a secret from Aravind. Aravind, irked by this distances himself from Thamizh and Kumaran.

At one point, Thamizh and Hema get into an argument on whether they live with Thamizh’s parents or not and break up soon afterwards.

Tamizh joins the same company as his father and Hema gets married to Aravind. Tamizh marries Yamuna. One day Tamizh’s father returns home tense. The next morning, he commits suicide. What follows next forms the crux of the story.

Performance wise, Dhanush steals the show with his mature acting. Satish, Raadhika and Ravikumar have played their roles to perfection. The first half is quite breezy and light. The romance between Dhanush (a college student) and Amy has its cute moments. Samantha brings in a mature performance as Thamizh’s wife in the second half.

The chemistry between Satish and Dhanush brings out quite a few laughs among the audience. The first night’s scene between Dhanush and Samantha should also be mentioned for its situational humour. Ravikumar scores as an absent minded father. Thangamagan could turn out to be a turning point for Arun, who has struggled to make a mark for himself in kollywood over the past four to five years.

On the technical side, the film is visually pleasing. Cinematographer Kumaran has captured the colours, moods and emotions very well through his lens. Anirudh has matured as a composer over the years. The songs sound mature, with a couple of songs ‘Enna solla’ and ‘Jodi Nilave’ continue to ring in your ears even after leaving the cinema hall. The score does not hamper the flow of the story in anyway.

Overall, Thangamagan is filled with neat performances complimented by a tight screenplay, pleasing visuals, crisp editing and engaging screenplay.

Reviewed by Arthur Vamanan

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