Tan Ben Chuan (left) Group General Manager Prima Group Sri Lanka presenting the champion’s trophy to Januka Dilshan who emerged as the Sri Lanka Junior golf champion

Many junior golfers who emerged champions at the Sri Lanka Junior Open Golf Championships have gone on to make a name for themselves and later turned professional. Some of them are Mithun Perera, Anura Rohana, D. Thangaraja and K. Prabagaran who are earning very well playing in professional circuits in Asia.

The latest junior golf champion Januka Dilshan is also aiming to reach high and represent the country at international golf tournaments in the near future.

Born to a less fortunate family, Dilshan is determined to work hard on his game and raise his standards to meet the demands of international golf. His father is a caddie at Royal Colombo Golf Club (RCGC) and his mother works at a bungalow during the day to earn a few rupees more to meet their expenses. They live in a small house at Model Farm Road within close proximity to RCGC.

Dilshan began liking the game after watching members play on the course and took to the game with the help of his father. When he heard that the Golf Union was taking young people for training, he was taken there by Thangaraja who was already playing big time golf.

Thangaraja was also a caddie who took to the game at a young age and improved a lot with the help of the training program conducted by the Golf Union.

Dilshan was soon participating in tournaments conducted by the RCGC and he has reached such a high standard that his handicap is just 2. But this is the first time that he won a major event and is delighted that he will now have the opportunity to continue further.

The past student of Susamyawardane Maha Vidyalaya, Borella hasn’t showed much promise in studies.

His parents were very supportive of Dilshan to pursuing golf. He wants to continue playing golf and his target now is to reach the heights that have been achieved by Mithun Perera, Anura Rohana and Prabagaran who are playing professional golf. If Dilshan can achieve this he will be earning enough to support his parents and a younger sister, who is still schooling at Yashodara MV.

Dilshan played well during the Junior Championship to achieve scores in the seventies during the three rounds. This is a good score keeping with his age. He also had three birdies on the first day, two birdies on the second day and three birdies on the third day.