Sri Lanka’s No.1 children’s savings account, BOC Ran Kekulu, offers 2,000 scholarships each worth of Rs.10,000 for 2015 Grade 5 Scholarship achievers for the 14th time. This annual programme is one of the bank’s key Corporate Social Responsible programmes to uplift the country’s education by supporting and encouraging schoolchildren to make an extra effort in their studies. So far the bank has awarded and recognized 12,600 students since 2002. Maintaining a minimum balance of Rs. 2,500 in a BOC Ran Kekulu account on or before the date of the scholarship examination which fell on August 23, 2015 with 175 marks or above fulfilled the eligibility for the BOC Ran Kekulu scholarship. All other BOC Ran Kekulu account holders who have passed 2015 Scholarship examination will be eligible for a valuable gift provided they too have maintained the said minimum balance requirement.

Further as a part of this sustainability initiative, the Bank conducts the Hapana programme,  an island-wide project that supports and encourages students to pass the year five scholarship examination. This programme is conducted at provincial level with the assistance of the Education Ministry. BOC “Hapana” is also another strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project of the Bank of Ceylon in line with the banks CSR strategy to uplift the country’s education. The Bank has been involved in this CSR programme since year 2000 and has coached over 650,000 students. It is noteworthy that this programme not only aims at students but it is also aimed parents to coach them on how to prepare their children for examinations by improving their mental wellbeing. The Bank of Ceylon sincerely takes pride in being able to provide assistance to future leaders of the country in the best possible way it can.

Bank of Ceylon maintains over 3,000 school savings units in selected schools covering all parts of the country. These units are managed by the students themselves with the help of the nearest BOC branch. This project aims at inculcating the savings habit and giving firsthand experience to youngster in banking to build a sustainable thrift culture in Sri Lanka.

Ran Kekulu accounts always carry an additional 1% above the normal rate.