Ever wondered why it costs more every time somebody in the family falls sick and has to visit the doctor, or worse, enter hospital even briefly? Yes, healthcare costs are rising, and to make matters worse for the nation as a whole non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are also on the rise. Most NCDs are more deadly than contagious diseases that can be cured with appropriate medication.

AIA Sri Lanka recently delved into the subject of hospitalization and the facts that were revealed were definitely eye-openers not only for the elderly but even for young families. The Annual Health Bulletin (2012) released by the Health Ministry shed light on the startling fact that 4.7 million or more people are hospitalized every year for a variety of illnesses including viral and asthma related ailments. In fact, 14.1% of Sri Lankans suffer from chronic illness or disability. Even more shocking was the discovery that over 95,000 people enter hospital for cancer-related medical problems every year. Over 40 people get a heart attack every day and every week 10 people suffer a stroke in Sri Lanka.
The picture doesn’t get better over time. Close to 90% of those hospitalized enter a government hospital where treatment is free of charge but if the doctor needs various tests, especially to aid his diagnosis, the patient invariably has to incur additional expenses.

Then, the question is what happens to the balance 10% that seeks private medical care? The cost of entering a hospital can be very expensive. With people living longer and life expectancy nudging 80 years for women (73 years for males), in spite of perhaps having unhealthy habits such as a steady diet of fast food, high stress, smoking and drinking, it is natural that the nation has to be mindful about planning healthcare seriously.

AIA, the real life company recently launched a total healthcare solution that covers the entire family. The advantage of this solution is that it is a combined cover for the entire family and in case of a serious condition, even a single member of the family can claim the full amount during the year.

Unlike most other health covers, the AIA Family Hospital Expense Cover has an array of outstanding benefits. One is that medical expenses incurred even at a government hospital can be recovered in addition to receiving a daily allowance. Another is that expenses of surgeries that require less than 24 hours in hospital will be paid. Even the medical expenses incurred by an organ donor will be met. If no claims are made during the year, there is the advantage of enjoying a ‘No Claim Privilege’ which increases the benefit amount by 5%.

Suren Perera, Head of Marketing said, “The AIA Family Hospital Expense Cover stands out as a unique comprehensive family healthcare solution that reimburses the hospital expenses of the whole family bringing greater peace of mind.”