Sri Lanka is planning to attract 2.2 million visitors in the year 2016 and record a 26% annual tourist arrivals growth, Sri Lanka Tourism announced today amidst the unveiling of a new tourism promotional strategy for next year.

The new plan has been formulated based on five key strategic objectives and includes increasing average daily expenditure of a tourist up to US$ 200 and average stay and contributing to generate a total tourism revenue up to US$ 2.75 billion as the key performance measures.

On the other hand, the increase of the island’s brand value up to US$ 80 million through tactical marketing campaigns focusing on main product offerings of the country will serve as the overall goal of the promotional strategy devised for 2016, the tourism promotion agency said.

During the eleven months up to November of this year, Sri Lanka Tourism said it has recorded a 18.1% growth in arrivals to 1.5 million while the total tourism revenue generated had been US$ 2.2 billion.