Shahadat Hossain (File Photo - AFP)

Police in Bangladesh have charged the cricketer Shahadat Hossain and his wife with torturing their former domestic servant, an 11-year-old girl.

If found guilty, the couple may face lengthy jail terms. They are currently on bail and deny charges of employing and assaulting a minor.

The police charge sheet submitted to the court in Dhaka accuses the couple of physically torturing the child.

Bangladesh’s Cricket Board has already suspended the medium-fast bowler.

The case is to be heard on 12 January.

The girl, Mahfuza Akhter Happy, was found in a street in September with multiple injuries, including a broken leg.

At the time, she said she had been working for the couple for a year.

The charges have been brought under legislation designed to protect women and children from domestic abuse.

If convicted, the cricketer and his wife, Jasmine Jahan Nritto Shahadat, could face jail terms of between seven and 14 years, plus a fine. (BBC)