Sri Lanka play against Hong Kong in the Asian Junior Rugby Championships at the Singapore Stadium (File photo)

Chief rugby selector hints

The Sri Lankan Under 20 rugby team which participated in the recently concluded Asian Junior Championships, which served as the qualifier for the upcoming 2016 Junior Rugby World Cup, gave off a scintillating display to finish as runners-up to winners Hong Kong.
The junior ‘Tuskers’ played all their matches (3) under horrible muddy conditions in Singapore, which deprived them of victory. The ground condition hampered their skills to run swiftly and display deceptive footwork.
Speaking to Nation Rugby Selection Committee Chairman Michael Jayasekara said, “What’s disappointing is not the players, but the ground conditions. The ground looked like a paddy field and was not fit to play any kind of rugby at all. If we were given a ground with good condition, then we would have simply thrashed the Hong Kong side, trust me”, opined Jayasekara.