Astrologers the world over attach much significance to the celestial event of the twin planets Rahu and Ketu in their retrograde movements entering the Zodiac signs of Leo and Aquarius respectively at 00.53 hours on January 30, 2016.
These two planets widely described as ‘mathematical entities’ always 180 degrees apart in the Zodiac will remain in transit in the Leo sign until August 18, 2017.

Rahu and Ketu, raised to planetary status by ancient Indian Rishis, are not luminaries like other planets such as Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus. They are really shadow planets.
Astrologers call Rahu the North Node of the Moon, the point where the Moon’s orbit crosses the ecliptic.  Ketu is the South Node of the Moon.

Ancient seers have attached much importance to Rahu and Ketu due to their being points on the ecliptic where the Moon moves into alignment with the Sun and the Earth.  Therefore, according to them, these two shadow planets represent the precise point of harmony between the three most important celestial bodies that influence the life of man, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.
Another reason for raising Rahu and Ketu to planetary status is the premise that these two planets reflect the bipolarity of energy within the cosmos and individual.

When the Sun, the Moon and Rahu or Ketu fall in the same zodiacal longitude, a solar or a lunar eclipse takes place.  Rahu is responsible for solar eclipses on the New Moon Day and Ketu for lunar eclipses on the Full Moon Day.

The ‘power’ wielded by Rahu and Ketu to cause eclipses has bestowed on them the role of Karmic indicators of the life of man.  Rahu and Ketu are also involved in generating the much dreaded Kala Sarpa Yoga. This malefic yoga is produced when all other seven planets are hemmed in between these two planets in a Natal Chart.

Rahu and Ketu are slow moving planets like Jupiter and Saturn. It takes about one and half years for them to complete the transit in one sign in the Zodiac. This means that the influence good or evil that these two planets exert on an individual while traversing one sign lasts for a much longer duration than that of the Moon, Mars or Venus  whose  transit in one sign is very brief.

Rahu’s influence works on the mind of man and Ketu’s influence on the body. Rahu’s influence can make a person insane or makes his behaviour irrational.  Ketu can cause leprosy, cancer and paralysis. Ingress of Rahu and Ketu into the zodiacal signs of Leo and Aquarius respectively on January 30 will certainly make an impact on the life of the individual and even on the collective life of people, the geo-political landscape and the general affairs of the state of our country.  They are subjects to be dealt with in separate articles.