Ah! Citizen, another week has come and gone, and our esteemed Representatives still continue to entertain us with their shenanigans. However, I sometimes wonder dear Citizen whether our Representatives put on such unparalleled performances because WE continue to enjoy these shows of gross impropriety and infantile ranting, with only a token sniff of disdain levelled against the protagonists.

I see our cavalier attitude towards the imbecilic repartee of our Representatives as further encouraging such moronic behaviour, speech and rationalisation!

A few weeks ago, the former Head Honcho of State addressing one of his innumerable and expected ‘public meetings’ commented on how we Sri Lankans need never feel inferior and bow our heads down to our Western counterparts as thousands of years ago when the people of the Western world were mere cave dwellers, we were a thriving society of architectural wizards and cultural pundits.

Now there’s no gainsaying part of this statement. Indeed looking back thousands of years ago, our Western counterparts did have to take our vastly more developed society as an example and humbly accept our societal advances as amazing achievements. However I believe fast-forwarding several thousand years later, the tables have now turned and it appears to me that while the West has emerged from those dank dark caves into the sunlight and embraced (in addition to having enhanced) modernisation, we the once glorious civilisation of Lanka has now been driven into the caves by our very own elected Representatives. So, I now ask you Citizen who should be paying homage to whom?
A former Comrade with a penchant for housing and travel document jugglery is also famed for his slogan ‘Batahira Kumanthranaya’, once having gone as far as staging a Gandhi-esque Satyagraha outside the office of the Nation Uniting body, in protest of said ‘Batahira Kumanthranaya’.

I think if Comrade Lenin were alive today his little red heart will burst with pride at the eloquent delivery of some of his speeches and actions.

But I do wonder whether Comrade Lenin et al. will find our former Comrade’s frequent trips to the very West he’s always condemning, an accepting practice. I mean, our former Comrade is not fluent in the language of the “imperialist” and whatever political and diplomatic goals he may claim to be striving toward when visiting these Western “imperialist” lands are hard to comprehend since he has never clarified these goals to us, the Citizenry. His behaviour does reek of hypocrisy quite like that unexpected crate of biscuit hidden behind his Satyagraha platform! However what leaves me even more confused dear Citizen is how and why our former Comrade is allowed frequent entry to these countries by their officials when we the Citizen often have to undergo rigorous screening processes simply to visit these countries on holiday!

Another issue that leaves me scratching my head in bewilderment dear Citizen is the all-important question of the purpose behind the so-called ‘Batahira Kumanthranaya’! What do our Western counterparts stand to gain by conspiring against our ‘great and glorious’ Representatives and their activities?We have no oil, gold or large stash of minerals, diamonds etc. to draw the attention of the greedy, grasping corporate giants. Sure, our harbour in Trincomalee would be a lovely place for some powerful Western nation to call droit du seigneur over, but I believe the Strait of Malacca with its strategic geographical positioning and well equipped five international ports would be a more attractive proposition for any enterprising “greedy” Western force.

You see dear Citizen, the way I look at it the ‘Batahira Kumanthranaya’ can at best be considered just another ‘boogeyman’ bandied about to instil fear in the heart of the less aware part of our Citizenry and at worst a flaccid piñata that his barely hanging onto its shape so that it can be flogged until the worthless candies inside can be seen for what they truly are by those who wilfully remain blind to wrong-doings of those who are actually hatching “Kumanthranayas”!

Now many of our Representatives ensconced in the House at Diyawanna may wonder at the temerity of the Citizenry to question the actions and excuse-making philosophies of their so-called “betters” but I think dear Citizen that it is time that we wake up and smell the coffee – or this being the land of the famous Ceylon Tea, now being successfully peddled by Kenya – the tea and face up to the fact that whatever “Kumanthranayas” are being perpetrated against us the Citizens is being done by our own “patriotic” people. Now this is indeed food (or drink) for thought!