The Decision Review System (DRS) has been questionable and it’s back in the limelight again. This happened when umpire Paul Reiffel ruled in favour of Sri Lanka one drop batsman Udara Jayasundera. This decision was overturned by the TV umpire Richard Kettleborough to the utter dismay of all present at Hamilton despite having no conclusive evidence on the hotspot or the snicko.

Replays showed that Jayasundra supposedly nicked a Doug Bracewell’s short delivery which went into the gloves of the wicket-keeper BJ Watling.  New Zealand appealed, but the on-field umpire Reiffel gave it as not out.

The Kiwis were not happy, so they called for a review. Third umpire, Kettleborough, had to decide whether he had any evidence to overturn the on-field decision and give the batsman out.

The snicko showed no significant deflection as the ball passed the gloves and the bat.
There was nothing conclusive enough, either on the snicko or on the hotspot, for the TV umpire to give the batsman out.

Finally the result came and unfortunately Jayasundara was given out, based on the movement of the ball after it passed the bat. This deviation was proved to be an optical illusion.