Headphones may sound great, but unless they’re comfortable, they won’t wear well over time.

AKG provides a high quality sound experience in comfortable headphones made to withstand the rigors of on-the-go lifestyle while lending an inspirational sense of styling. AKG headphones are brought to life by powerful, 40mm drivers delivering an enhanced, punched-up bass response with minimal disturbance from the outside world, thanks to their bleed-resistant design. Removing those external sounds, you’d rather not hear, allows for a distraction-free environment that lets you fully concentrate on the acoustics you want to hear.

The AKG Y 50’s lightweight construction and closed ear-cup design are engineered to feel like you’ve barely got them on and yet provide you with a listening experience to fit your discerning tastes like a glove.

AKG Y 50 headphones are designed to fold down neatly for storage in a compact pouch to be protected when they are not in use, but ready to come into play whenever you need to take them with you.

The AKG Y 50 headphones perfectly fit the needs of the music connoisseur in every way.
The headphones are isolated and enclosed in a closed-back ear cup design, which cancels out every other sound except the ones you are focusing on. Lightweight and comfortable, it is the perfect excuse to listen longer and switch between calls and music without ever getting out of your easy chair. A 1.2m detachable cable provides the added freedom of movement and lets you choose between devices while an inline remote/mic keeps things hands-free and easy.

The quality sound of AKG headphones is the result of more than 60 years of expertise in the field, working side by side with music professionals are now yours to enjoy. A wide range of AKG headphones to meet your specific requirements are available at all Abans Apple istores Islandwide.