The 2015-2016 annual Sri Pada Pilgrimage Season begins tomorrow (December 24) and will last for five months. Issuing a media release, Police Headquarters said that police have established eight checkpoints to ensure security for pilgrims.

Accordingly, three checkpoints have been established in the Hatton Division while five have been set up in the Ratnapura Division.

In the Hatton Division, police checkpoints are in place at Gangulathenna, Rathuambalama and Indikatupana. In the Ratnapura Division, checkpoints have been established at Udamaluwa, Pawanella, Palabaddala, Heramitipana and Adavikanda.

At least 10 officers will be on duty at each of these checkpoints, the media release said.

Police have further set up several contact numbers that pilgrims could contact police in case of emergencies.

Pilgrims arriving through Hatton, Norton Bridge and Nallathanniya areas can contact the following numbers in case of emergency:




Pilgrims arriving through Ratnapura are advised to contact the following numbers in case of emergency:



Police Headquarters has also issued a set of guidelines for pilgrims to follow. These include appeals for people do be mindful of elders and children that might be part of their groups as they could become separated and lost; not to come intoxicated on the pilgrimage; to be mindful of their purses and valuables and to always follow the road signs and not deviate from the designated paths.

Police have further warned that it was extremely dangerous for pilgrims to bathe in the reservoirs located around the path to Sri Pada. Accordingly, pilgrims are advised to refrain from going into the waters at Maussakele, Wimalasurendra, Castlereagh, Lakshapana reservoirs and other reservoirs in the vicinity.