Police have released CCTV images of a suspect in connection with the robbery of a house in Wattegama and for allegedly withdrawing Rs.200,000 from an ATM card stolen from there.

Police Headquarters said that the suspect was among suspects who had allegedly broken into a house in Wattegama during daytime and had stolen Rs.40,000 worth of valuables. However, the suspects had also withdrawn Rs.200,000 in cash from an ATM that had been stolen from the house.

Investigators have been able locate CCTV footage of one of the suspects withdrawing money using the stolen ATM card and purchasing goods from a shop in Thawalanthenna, Kothmale using that money.

Police say they have so far been unable to positively identify the suspect or find a permanent address for him. As such, police are seeking assistance from members of the public and have urged them to contact the Wattegama Police on the following numbers, should they have any information on the suspect seen in these images:

081 – 2476222 or

081 – 2476328