December 20 Sunday to December 26 Saturday

Aries (Mesha)Mesha
Enhanced powers and authority indicated for natives holding executive positions, political office in particular. Those expecting child birth will be blessed with a fortunate son. All in all a very auspicious week for embarking on new plans and projects. Those with a weak natal Saturn could look forward to a better tomorrow if they exercise patience and cultivate equanimity.

Taurus (Vrushabha)  Vrushabha
Even those you looked on as enemies will become your friends. A general improvement in your relations with kith and kin and associates indicated. Jupiter in the 4th House assures enhanced living comforts.  Children can be a cause for concern if you fail to pay due care and attention.

Gemini (Mithuna)mithuna
Gains from foreign sources are likely. Time until January 15 is not auspicious for events connected matrimony. Circumstances compelling you to be away from home are likely to arise.  Fame and popularity in addition to high office for those active in politics and occupying executive positions are on the cards.

Cancer (Kataka)kataka
The brief period from 22.06 hours Dec.22 to 09.25 hours on Dec. 25 is auspicious for inaugural activity.  Plans to acquire a land, a vehicle or a housing property will come to fruition. Income from unexpected sources is in the offing.  A strong Jupiter in the 2nd House confers increased wealth, domestic happiness and a cheerful disposition.

Leo (Simha)simha
Disharmony and disputes in the family may cause grief if you fail to act with tact and restraint.  However, Jupiter in the Lagna gives you immense moral and psychological strength.   Enhanced self-confidence and a positive outlook are likely to push you towards taking bold decisions. Avoid land and vehicle transactions if under Maha Dasa of Saturn.

Virgo (Kanya)kanya
Proneness to accidents that could cause head injuries persists till December 25. Plans for foreign travel or employment may succeed if your Maha Dasa lord is Sun. You will continue to gravitate towards altruistic activity such as helping the needy.   Rahu in the Lagna makes you dynamic, energetic and proactive, but would push you towards taking hasty decisions.

Libra (Thula)thula
A brief auspicious spell you have been going through ends when Lagnadhipati Venus exits your Lagna on December 25.  However, your thinking and outlook will become more positive. Avoid getting embroiled in clashes, conflicts and disputes. Ongoing period is favourable for those in the field of communications. A strong Jupiter in the Ayasthana continues to assure you of a steady income.

Scorpio (Vrushika)Vrushika
Venus due to enter your Lagna on December 25 may buoy up your spirits and imbue you with confidence.  A strong Jupiter in the 10th House can confer political high office or political patronage, career success and gainful foreign travel if your Dasas are favourable.  Ongoing period is not favourable for natives running the Saturn’s Maha or Antar Dasa.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)danu
You have been going through a very favourable spell with Rajayoga producing Sun- Mercury in the Lagna while Lagnadhipati Jupiter is placed in the Bhagyasthana. Mars – Rahu combination in the 10th Karmasthana brings career and political success.   Higher status, gainful distant travels and general prosperity are on the cards.

Capricorn (Makara)makara
You can look forward to fame and a rise in career when Mars enters your 10th Karmasthana on December 24.  Mercury due to enter your Lagna on Dec. 26 will strengthen your personality. A distant may become necessary. However, mars in the 9th House calls for attention to your safety while on travel.

Aquarius (Kumbha)kumba
The influence of Jupiter in your 7th House can lead to career success, gainful foreign travels, and bright matrimonial prospects depending your present circumstances.   Those with a weak Saturn at birth face loss of employment or problems connected with employment.

Pisces (Meena)meena
Lagnadhipati Jupiter in the 6th House augments your position of authority and influence.   A rise in career and business success are strongly indicated. Ongoing period is not favourable for your spouse. It is not auspicious for events connected with matrimony either.