A couple that has promised each other everything before marriage might face a snag when it comes to deciding on their wedding album. This is an area where most couples get played out. Photographers or studio owners are like vultures and know the art of tapping the purse of clients who are madly in love with each other.

A comprehensively done wedding album costs something over rupees 200,000 in Sri Lanka. A couple might not have the finances to afford such a souvenir of their best day in life. But photographers are skilled in getting would be brides and grooms to purchase their most expensive service or package.

One of the most common complaints by clients is that photographers are not able to produce the quality of photos they promise. Some photographers are also so loaded with assignments on wedding days that they send their subordinates instead for less popular events.

A new trend that has set in is to propose a pre-shoot in connection with the wedding which is not only time consuming, but also costly. Photographers argue that a pre-shoot is helpful because it helps shed in individuals any nature of being camera shy. Some clients might not want this session, but give consent to it eventually in the face of pressure from the studio that undertakes the shoot.

Any couple has the wish to mingle with the invitees and get their blessings. But some key guests can be left out because the photographer might suddenly take the newlyweds away for an extra shoot.

Some brides complain of exhaustion because they are dressed as early as 3am. These brides are then turned, seated down and even carried by their grooms during photo shoots which run for 2-3 hours. It is not surprising if a bride terms her most important day in life a nightmare because of the rag she endures, thanks to demanding photographers.

After the wedding some couples never get to see their completed albums for close to a year. Some photographers are known to switch off phones after the wedding. If contact is made they are rude when clients inquire about the finished product.

As much as the promised quality not being delivered is bad enough, there are instances where photographers have misbehaved. Clients have been helpless at times when photographers consume liquor at the wedding. Another complaint against photographers is changing background using photo shop.

Even hotel owners have their share of complaints. There are occasions when photographers have become a law onto themselves and removed guests from areas used for a photo shoot. Using the hotel premises is the right of any guest and photographers have time again got into trouble with the authorities when treating other guests with scant respect. For the record a leading studio has been banned from doing photo shoots at Mount Lavinia Hotel.

This digital era in photography has opened the doors for so many half-baked beans to enter the business of undertaking wedding photography. Most of them act as stop-gap photographers for studios which are unable to send the promised photographer.

A wedding album has real value for a period of five years after marriage. It might not have the potential to be picked up afterwards. This souvenir of a wedding is similar to the cutting and polishing of a gem. Only 1/8th of a gem is taken for creations after the cutting process discards nearly all the rest. We might recall just a few shots taken at a wedding. The rest is likely to fade away with the passing of time. Are young couples willing to change this trend of allowing the photographer to call the shots at their most important day of their lives?