“When beggars die, there are no comets seen. The heavens blaze forth the death of princes…”

This well-known quote from Shakespeare’s play, ‘Julius Caesar’,   reminds us that peoples from all parts of the world from ancient times have believed that extra-terrestrial phenomena exert a tremendous influence and impact on man and his environment.
Of course, the peoples in ancient civilizations like Roman and Hellenic of the West attributed both awesome extra-terrestrial and terrestrial phenomena to the works of the gods of antiquity as manifestations of their approval or disapproval.

However, sages in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Babylonia and Sumer, as well as Rishis in ancient India through years of observation and reasoning hit upon a more rational explanation for the seemingly inexplicable extra-terrestrial and terrestrial phenomena.

They discovered that these phenomena are the effects produced by the natural forces in the universe eternally at work – basically the effects produced by the Sun and the other planets in the Solar system on human life and every other form of life and entity that constitute the environment on earth. Ancient Indian sages in particular placed on record the findings of their studies and this body of knowledge developed and rationalized over the ages came to be known as Astrology