Police have arrested two Pakistani nationals who allegedly robbed a jewelry store in Kollupitiya yesterday and escaped with Rs.11 million in gold jewelry and gems.

Police Media Unit said the two suspects had entered a jewelry store located along Galle Road in Kollupitiya yesterday morning on the pretext of purchasing gold jewelry. At the time of the incident, only the jewelry shop owner had been present at the shop.

As the shop owner was showing the suspects various items of jewelry, one suspect had suddenly held him by the neck whilst the other had pressed a handkerchief dipped in a liquid from a bottle in his hand to the victim’s face. At this point, the victim had fallen unconscious.

After the victim had passed out, the suspects had escaped with gold jewelry and gems amounting to Rs.11 million.

Kollupitiya Police had deployed several teams to investigate the robbery and they were able to arrest one of the suspects from a lodging house located along Marine Drive in Kollupitiya at around 10.40pm yesterday. On information revealed by the suspect, police were also able to arrest the second suspect from a lodging house on Palmyra Road at around 11.30pm.

Police were able to recover items of gold jewelry, gold jewelry encrusted with gems, 30 US$100 notes, 13 US$50 notes and Rs.9340 in Sri Lankan currency from the suspects’ possession.

The Pakistani nationals are due to be produced before the Fort Magistrate’s Court today. Kollupitiya Police are conducting further investigations.