What you see today though it has a new look is not entirely a new publication. It’s the Nation that has been in print for many years coming back to you with novel content in a new format after a short break. Perhaps, it was a respite to ponder as to what changes would be more appealing to you.

As we used to be, every weekend we will reach you with news, features and opinion covering a wide range of interests. We have in mind all of you,young and old and in particular those who are busy and do not have time to read lengthy pieces. That way, we hope to play the traditional role of a newspaper in a more effective manner.

We are aware that people are weary of the day-to-day events and endless political debate and the monotonous way they are often reported.And this new effort on our part is to help you to get over this monotony while giving you a new reading experience. We will always try to condense our stories into a simplified, easily absorbed format together with more pictorial input.

As we go along, we seek your support as well as views and opinions in order to improve our content and to become more reader-friendly. And we on our part will assure you that we will perform our duty independently and impartially without being aligned to any particular political or social group. Our focus will be governance and not politics.

We intend to be politically neutral,but will strive to be vocal on vital issues affecting people. Through our columns we hope to be just and fair to all without being prejudicial to any race, creed or colour.

All in all,it is an enhancement on what we used to be as a national newspaper. However, certainly it’s not old wine in a new bottle. It would be more apt to say it’s new wine in new bottle under the same brand name